POLYTEXPO is an international vocational event, consists of Seminar, Conference, Talk Show,  and Public Expo initiated Polytechnic Education Development Project (PEDP), to establish a linkage between polytechnic institution as education service provider, their industrial and business partners and the public.

POLYTEXPO is created to spark discussion and raise public awareness on polytechnic readiness and relevance with today’s industrial revolution that is digital technology-based and centered its growth on the creative economy.

The event is designed to bring balance between the best of both worlds; between the polytechnic institution’s disciplines, and industry’s competences and pragmatism. The event is also designed to influence millennials and youth to aware about their future as well as their self-expression, that is why POLYTEXPO, as an event, also successfully brings the academic world into the world of fun and entertaining. It is the event for youths, the world of academic, and industries.

The event will be held on a periodical basis as bi-yearly events, as the 1st event was held in Malang on 3-5 December 2018, with Politeknik Negeri Malang (POLINEMA) as the host venue.